About This Blog

For several years now, I've kept the blog Step Back and Look Again, which I've written in from time to time about my thoughts, philosophy, politics, or just rants in general. This blog was an experiment. While time and circumstances have not allowed me to post as frequently as I've wanted to, it did give me somewhere to put my ideas, and practice writing them out for others to read. But it is a general purpose blog without any specific point to it beyond giving me a soapbox, and I began it at a time where my ideas on a few topics were still in flux.

Ethics, particularly in the context of social and political ethics, has long been a major interest of mine. I have found myself highly dissatisfied with most of the existing philosophies, so I have endeavored to develop my own. This philosophy has now reached a stage of development where I feel like I can share it openly with the world. While there is still more work to be done, and still more details to flesh out, I believe the…